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With Luv your tum there’s recipes suitable for nearly anyone. Alongside support for teens and young women who are battling chronic illness and their loved ones. Through awareness and advocacy luv ur tum stands for change.

Together we can overcome anything, one meal at a time.

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Endless amounts of recipes being uploaded frequently to cater for anyone, anytime.

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Updates on products I love, tips and tricks for living life with a chronic illness and my personal experiences will be found here. xx

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Working with brands or business’s I love to create content and recipes.

Why I Care.

Ever since I was a child I struggled with many health issues. This only got worse throughout my teenage years, resulting in me spending most of my time bedridden and in serious pain. My body couldn’t seem to digest anything I ate (still working on this) but at the time I also found I was intolerant to many foods. I found it extremely difficult to find delicious recipes that I could eat, so therefore luv your tum was created. A place for everyone to feel included.

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